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Committed to the city’s growth and working together to build a safe and future forward community.

My Commitment to the City

Cindy Kaye | City Councillor Candidate Ward 12


Preserving the look and feel of our historic architecture while incorporating growth opportunities.

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Growing the downtown Ancaster Village while maintaining and enhancing our unique community’s history.  Encouraging mixed commercial and residential development and conducting analysis with members of the community to determine our needs and opportunities. Creating a destination for a healthy live, work, play community.

Cindy Kaye | City Councillor Candidate Ward 12


 I will represent residents and business owners of Ward 12 with integrity and transparency at a grassroot level.

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Listening and having an open communication line with residents and business owners. Being the liaison between you and city council, with your involvement, we will build a strong community partnership and encourage community engagement; open meetings with residents and businesses to inform and keep dialogue ongoing.


Cindy Kaye | City Councillor Candidate Ward 12


Family friendly, a place to gather and enjoy the amenities. Live, work, and play in a safe community.

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Ensuring our roads are safe with added crosswalks and sidewalks, with clearly designated bike lanes. I will be an advocate for green space preservation, so we can continue to have access to these areas for local events and recreation.

Transit as a whole for the City of Hamilton is entering into a vital transition with the LRT on the horizon, opening up the BLAST network and expanding transit in Ward 12. This will offer the city effective, efficient transportation to move us forward as Hamilton grows.

Cindy Kaye | City Councillor Candidate Ward 12

City Planning

Encouraging effective, sustainable and innovative development, while minimizing urban sprawl. 

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Efficient use of land is pivotal for the growth of Ward 12, minimizing urban sprawl, at the same time accommodating the growing population.  Introducing energy efficient building practices when planning our communities for a sustainable future.

Cindy Kaye

Cindy Kaye

City Councillor Candidate for Ward 12

As a first-generation Canadian, I know what a prosperous city Hamilton is. My parents immigrated to Hamilton from Croatia in the 1960s for a better life. And that’s exactly what they achieved. Their incredible work ethic is what my siblings and I witnessed growing up and it is a core value in my family’s life. I believe my integrity, persistent, and tenacious nature instilled from my upbringing, is what I carry with me to provide my children with a better future. 

I am a proud Hamiltonian. I went to school here, met my remarkable husband of over 25 years here and we are raising our two lovely daughters here in Ward 12. 

This community offers so many wonderful family centered spaces which made it an easy place to call home almost 20 years ago. It is such an advantage to be able to walk or ride our bikes to school, friends’ homes, stores, movies, out for dinner and work. 

For almost 10 years, thanks to Laurel Oak Publishing, I have the pleasure of working alongside the Ontario Home Builders’ Association handling their trade media, Ontario Home Builder Magazine. In this time, I have seen both the accomplishments as well as the challenges facing the housing industry and our neighbourhoods. 

The City of Hamilton is one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada, and Ward 12 is an essential part of that. Join me in ensuring our ward has fair representation and voice at City Hall.

It is vital that we vote our values, so I’ll be voting for Cindy Kaye. Besides sharing the same values, Cindy is my neighbour and friend and she is truly passionate about any project our neighbourhood takes on and always available to lend a hand.

As a councillor I foresee Cindy as a committed, resourceful and energetic planner who will bring fresh ideas to our area.

Gloria Billeci

We have the pleasure of knowing Cindy and her lovely family over the past several years by coming to our shop ‘Ancaster Cheese & Fine Foods’. 

Cindy is a dedicated supporter of several small businesses in Ancaster and has an understanding of many social and economical aspects beneficial for Ward 12. 

We are excited for the new energy, plans and ideas Cindy will bring as a Councillor for our region.

Milap Bedi

Cindy Kaye – Dedicated and Dynamic! Her passion to “get-things-done” is a quality that sets her apart from the crowd.

Thoughtful, attentive to the needs of others, humble yet focused on the task at hand. Cindy has my full support for our Ward 12 City Councillor.

Stephen J. Dunn

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